Our Winegrowers

Bernard TOUTON (44 year old) – Member since 1962 – Administrator since 2001

«I am a member of the cave des Hauts de Montrouge since I started my activity in 1985. I run a vineyard of 52 ha located on 4 villages: Nogaro, Arblade le Hauts, Urgosse and Sainte Christie d’Armagnac in the heart of the BAS ARMAGNAC AOC.»

Such a vineyard requires a very demanding personal investment during 9 months. Allow me to detail all those steps in few words.

The cut starts in late November when the vine has lost its last leaves, taken away by the first winter storms. This work takes between 30 and 40 hours of hard working. That’s the moment when one must choose the branch to be kept for next year and cut all the other ones. This work has to be finished before March.

In April, it is time to take care of the picket fence by changing some posts or broken wires. It is also the moment when we work our soils with weeding and treatments.

In May, the young branches can grow by 25 cm in a day! One has to be present to bring them upward and correctly held to the wire of the fence. May is also a delicate time when one has to keep an eye on the vine to be ready to fight against insects and worms that may attack the plants or cryptogamic disease such as oïdium or mildiou.

July requires less work and only some efforts to turn the soil.

End of August, early September, last days before harvest, the vine grower looks at the sky and fears hail storms but expect a little water to have lovely fruits.


Jean-François PÉRÉ (31 year old) – Member since 2007 – Administrator since 2012

«Harvest takes place from early September to mid October. The first grape varieties we pick are the Sauvignon and the Chardonnay, both known as improovers for our blends»

Then come the Colombard, representing the largest part of our wineyard. After that, we move to our red varieties (Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tannat) to make our Rosé and red wines. It is now time to harvest our Ugni-Blanc, Baco and Folle-Blanche for our distillation wines. The season ends with the harvest of our  Gros Manseng and the Petit Manseng for our sweet wines .

The grapes are picked up at night to ensure the freshness and quality of the fruits. The juice is obtained thanks to pneumatic powered winepress, ideal to keep the best aromatic potential of the fruit. The wort is then transferred to thermos-regulated vats to start the alcoholic fermentation.

The distillation at Les Hauts de Montrouge starts mid-November and ends late December. It is realized with the wines from the Ugni-Blanc, Baco and Folle-Blanche grape variety. Out 3 alambics called ATHOS, PORTHOS and ARAMIS, in the typical Armagnac style, operate 24 hours a day. They give us a pure EAU DE VIE for us to create all our products of the Armagnac range. (Blanche, Floc, Armagnac and liquors)


Alexandre DOAT (44 year old) – Member since 1997 – Administrator since 2003 and Vice President since 2015

«Established 20 years ago, I have always been a member of the CAVE. After taking over the family estate, I decided to focus on the restructuring of a grown old vineyard. I also decided to bring all my harvest to the CAVE. »

“It is the best way to mutualise high-performance tools of production and vinification. A good way to unite strength and technical know-who, and to share a trade department.
Today thanks to quality products and a strong partnership, results are here and so is the guaranty of a decent income. I am happy with this choice.”


Patrick FARBOS (57 year old) – Member since 1973 – Administrator since 1999 and President since 2007

Established in 1963 the CPR, Cave des Producteurs Reunis, never stopped growing to reach the current turnover of about 10 M €.

Cooperate to achieve was our motto during all those years. In 2016, looking towards new horizons, it became HAUTS DE MONTROUGE: HDM

A lot of motivation from its 60 members and 28 employees, the HDM vessel has only one target: success.

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